Best way to catch mosquitos?

What Kind of Plants Repel Mosquitoes?

When it comes to repelling mosquitoes outdoors, individual plants might be your best defense against the pests.

Not only do plants offer a natural, toxin-free alternative to bug sprays that contain the harmful chemical DEET, but they can provide you with beautiful landscaping, and in some cases, delicious herbs for cooking. Here are a few plants that repel bugs, especially mosquitoes.

Bee Balm

Bee balm is an attractive plant that has many uses in the kitchen and has been used medicinally for years, including as a mosquito repellent. The flowers, as well as the crushed, dried leaves repel mosquitoes. When planted by your patio, the fragrance keeps mosquitoes away.

Cadaga Tree

The cardigan tree or eucalyptus torelliana serves as a barrier to repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes don’t like the scent of the tree, keeping them away from any area where it’s planted.


Planting catnip in your yard is a non-toxic alternative to traditional bug sprays that contain DEET. Catnip is effective at repelling mosquitoes because one of its ingredients, nepetalactone, is non-toxic and ten times stronger than DEET.



Lavender is not only a lovely and fragrant plant, but it is also an excellent way to help repel mosquitoes outside. Mosquitoes dislike lavender and they stay far away from any area that contains the plant.

Lavender essential oils also ward off the pesky insects. Apply it to your ankles, feet, or wrists, and watch the mosquitoes avoid you. If you have sensitive skin, mix the oil with cream before applying.


Mosquitoes don’t like marigolds, so planting the fragrant flower in your yard helps to keep the mosquitoes away. Cut flowers from the plant and place them around your patio to keep the mosquitoes away from you and your guests.


The natural oil found in the eucalyptus tree is excellent for repelling mosquitoes and keeping them away from you when you are outside.

You can plant eucalyptus in your yard and use the natural oil from the tree on your skin to keep mosquitoes clear of you. The gentle formula that many commercial bug sprays contain will also work to keep sandflies, midges, fruit flies, stable flies, and ticks away too.

Biological Methods

Bacillus thurigiensis infects larval mosquitoes and damages their digestive system so they can't eat. It is not effective against adults. PASIEKA / Getty Images

A better solution is to introduce predators that eat immature or adult mosquitoes or infectious agents that harm mosquitoes without affecting other wildlife.

Most ornamental fish consume mosquito larvae, including koi and minnows. Lizards, geckos, dragonfly adults and naiads, frogs, bats, spiders, and crustaceans all eat mosquitoes.

Adult mosquitoes are susceptible to infection by the fungi Metarhizium anisoplilae and Beauveria bassiana. A more practical infectious agent is the spores of the soil bacterium Bacillus thurigiensis israelensis (BTI),. Infection with BTI makes the larvae unable to eat, causing them to die. BTI pellets are readily available at home and gardening stores, easy to use (simply add them to standing water), and only affect mosquitoes, black flies, and fungus gnats. The treated water remains safe for pets and wild animals to drink. The disadvantages of BTI are that it requires reapplication every week or two and it doesn’t kill adult mosquitos.


How to Treat Mosquito Bites

Almost all of us have to experience the unpleasant mosquito bites every now and then. If you get bitten, the only thing that will matter to you is to get rid of the itching and burning sensation immediately.

Sometimes, the symptoms accompanying mosquito bites last for days and can turn your summer vacation into a nightmare. Here are some helpful ideas on what you can do to take care of mosquito bites.

1. Honey

As a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, honey can treat the effects of mosquito bites effectively.

Apply some raw honey over the bite and let it dry naturally before washing it off. You are also suggested to apply honey on areas that you have scratched due to the itchiness of the bite.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a highly beneficial plant that we can find in many households.

It can treat various skin conditions, including mosquito bites. It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the bites from inflammation. Aloe Vera also contains soothing properties which contribute to pain relief.

It is always best to use fresh Aloe Vera gel. You can extract the gel directly from the leaf of the plant by cutting into a leaf and squeezing the gel out.

3. Oatmeal

One of the top remedies for treating mosquito bites is also the one that may end up in your bowl. Oatmeal contains compounds capable of reducing the itching and swelling associated with mosquito bites.

To apply oatmeal, mix it with an equal amount of water or milk to create a paste. Proceed to apply it on the bites and let it dry naturally before rinsing with cool water.

How to Kill Mosquito Larvae To Prevent Breeding

It’s possible to kill mosquito larvae either with biological or chemical means. Since mosquitoes lay their larvae in water, and you probably have some still water at your place (be it a pond or a rainwater tank), this will be the place for applying some special live bacteria. You should apply them as early as possible at the beginning of April and continue the process until the end of summer.

The State University of New Jersey’s scientists recommend using products containing Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) which destroy the stomach lining of the mosquito larva.

How to Kill Mosquitoes Using Home Remedies

Mosquitoes are small and nasty insects capable of causing a lot of harm.

While they have no evil intentions, they may transfer various diseases as they suck our blood. Due to the reaction in our bodies, this process also causes the surrounding area to swell up and become very itchy.

When it comes to killing mosquitoes, home remedies play a huge part.

You can do a lot to prevent mosquitoes from drinking your blood and even kill them without purchasing chemical products.

Below are some of the best methods on how to kill mosquitoes naturally using everyday household products.

1. Coffee Grounds

Let’s start with one of the best solutions on how to kill mosquitoes larvae. Coffee grounds present an effective and easy to perform home remedy.

When this ingredient is added to stagnant water where the larvae can be found, it forces them to swim up to the surface. There, they run out of oxygen and die almost immediately.

  • Prepare a cup of coffee grounds and pour it into a rain barrel or any other stagnant water source around your house. If you wait patiently, you will soon see mosquito larvae surfacing as they struggle to get away from the coffee.
  • You can repel mosquitoes by burning some coffee grounds. The smoke it will produce will keep these small creatures at bay.

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2. Pinion Wood

If you are wondering how to get rid of mosquitoes in the yard, you are going to love this solution. May you intend to have an outdoor party or simply want to spend some time outside the walls, you will probably want to enjoy the time in peace.

Burning pinion wood produces smoke that kills mosquitoes and prevents them from entering the house as well. If you get some pinion wood and burn it evenly around the house, you should have a mosquito-free area for some time.

Do not burn wood inside the house. Also, make sure that other items around the burning woods won’t be able to catch on fire.

3. Camphor

Camphor, originating from Cinnamonum camphora tree, is a flammable waxy substance that can help you get rid of mosquitoes effectively. It may not kill off all mosquitoes in the house, but at least it will help you force them away.

  1. Get some camphor leaves or camphor balls and put them in a bowl.
  2. Slightly crush the balls to increase their efficiency.
  3. Light them up and let them burn for around 30 minutes.

Make sure that you place camphor away from the reach of pets or kids. Camphor as such should not be ingested.

4. Garlic

Garlic offers a working and cost-efficient method on how to kill mosquitoes in your house. As it is also rich in larvicidal properties, garlic is also one of the best home remedies on how to kill mosquitoes in water.

  • Peel some garlic cloves and crush them. Proceed to boil the crushed cloves in water for around 10 minutes. Pour this homemade pesticide in stagnant waters around the house.
  • Alternatively, prepare the garlic solution as described above. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and spray it around the house to prevent mosquitoes from entering your premises. You can also use it directly on mosquitoes to kill them instantly.

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5. Mosquito Trap

Making a mosquito trap is one of the top ways on how to kill mosquitoes from yard.

You can buy already made traps, but you can also make them yourself if you have some time on your hands. In order to prepare a mosquito trap, you will need a plastic bottle, brown sugar, yeast, and some hot water.

  1. Cut the plastic bottle in half.
  2. Add a few tablespoons of brown sugar in 1 cup of hot water. Mix well and wait for the sugar to dissolve.
  3. Pour the solution in the bottom of the plastic bottle and add yeast.
  4. Place the funnel side of the bottle upside down in the bottom of the plastic bottle.
  5. Wrap the bottle with a black tape while keeping the top opened.
  6. Place the bottle in an area prone to mosquitoes. You are advised to create multiple traps and place them near windows and doors to kill mosquitoes before they get the chance to enter your home.
  7. Change the solution used in trap every 14 days.

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6. Dry Ice

Dry Ice trap is a great technique that requires so

Dry Ice trap is a great technique that requires some time but works well when you have to deal with multiple mosquitoes at once.

As we breathe, we exhale a lot of carbon dioxide which attracts the mosquitoes. Dry ice emits even more, so it makes a great lure for the mosquitoes.

  • Place some dry ice in a plastic container in a safe location.
  • Wait for the mosquitoes to gather around the container.
  • Kill them using other techniques or trap them in the container using a lid.

7. Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils, in general, have been proven to be

Essential oils, in general, have been proven to be very efficient at keeping mosquitoes away.

They may not be able to kill them, but they can be used as a prevention method. Besides that, the application of essential oils at your home has numerous benefits that should be considered.

  • Lavender oil and tea tree oil are especially effective at getting rid of mosquitoes. You can dilute some oil with water and pour it in a spray bottle. Use the bottle to spray the oil around your home.
  • Alternatively, you can also use essential oil dispensers to distribute the oils throughout the house. This will provide your body with other benefits as well.

If you wish to use lavender oil or tea tree oil directly on your body, you can do so but first, dilute it with water. You can then spread it over yourself to keep the mosquitoes away.

This can be especially useful when you’re going out in areas rich with water sources and inhabited by mosquitoes.

8. Dish Soap

A remedy easy to perform but quite effective at killing mosquitoes is dish soap.

Simply, mix some dish soap with water and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray the mosquitoes with this solution to kill them fast without polluting the air in your house.

It is recommended to use lemon-scented liquid detergent to kill these annoying creatures and other insects that may be present in your house.

9. Cedar Oil

Cedar oil presents a non-toxic and natural solutio

Cedar oil presents a non-toxic and natural solution on how to kill mosquitoes inside the house. It is also safe to use around pets and humans.

It is effective at killing most insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Luckily, it does not harm the beneficial ones such as butterflies and bees.

  • Purchase cedar essential oil and dilute it with water. Pour the solution into an empty spray bottle so you can directly use it mosquitoes and kill them on sight. You can also use the solution on yourself to repel the mosquitoes away from you.
  • Alternatively, you can use cedar oil solution on your yard. Spray it around to prevent the mosquitoes from hanging out near your house. Cedar oil is safe to use on plants as well.

10. Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is another essential oil that is ef

Citronella oil is another essential oil that is effective at repelling as well as killing mosquitoes. It is extracted from citronella grass and is used by many people as an alternative to chemical agents.

You can use citronella oil in an essential oil diffuser or dilute it with water and keep it in a spray bottle. Use the oil at your home to prevent the mosquitoes from entering.

You can also use it as a solution on how to kill mosquitoes in rooms, by trapping a mosquito in a room with diffused citronella oil.

11. Cinnamon

Cinnamon treatment is also one of the best ways on how to kill mosquitoes in yard and stagnant waters.

It makes a great addition to almost any dessert and is also very beneficial to human health. Mosquitoes, however, are not so lucky.

Cinnamon presents a natural way to kill mosquito larvae, so it is very effective when used in stagnant waters around your yard.

  1. Buy cinnamon oil, as it is more concentrated than the cinnamon alone.
  2. Add cinnamon oil to stagnant water. The ratio between cinnamon oil and stagnant water should be around 15%:85%.
  3. Wait for larvae to die. Normally, it takes around 6 hours if the above concentration is considered.

Alternatively, you can use cinnamon oil as a part of a body lotion to prevent mosquitoes from biting you. Don’t use cinnamon oil alone. Mix it with your body lotion in ratio 1:20.

How to Kill A Few Mosquitoes

If you’re still wondering how to kill mosquitoes in your home, it’s time to get your palms ready.

Mosquitoes are tiny and easy to kill if you give them a good smack. Even though they are hard to spot, they can be quite easy to hunt down because they don’t move very fast.

Here are some of the best tips that will help you kill mosquitoes with your own hands:

1. Turn On a Flashlight

Mosquitoes are attracted to lights.

If you turn them on while your windows are open, they will quickly find their way inside. However, if a mosquito is already inside your room, you can turn the light into its disadvantage.

Close all windows and the door, and turn off all the lights. Then, use a flashlight to lure the mosquito to your location.

Be ready to hit it as soon as you see it.

2. Use Vacuum Cleaner or Bug Zapping Racket

Mosquitoes are very light and they can easily be sucked in by the vacuum cleaner.

Once you spot it, follow it with the hose of your vacuum cleaner. Once it is sucked in, it will probably die right away. If you are worried about it escaping, go empty the bag outside of the house.

Alternatively, you can also buy a bug zapping racket and use it to hunt mosquitoes. Run the racket through the air and as it comes in contact with the mosquito it will give it a nice shock.

3. Wait for Them to Land

Mosquitoes do not fly for very long, so you can easily wait for them to land before you attack. Check for it around the room, especially around the curtains, as they like to hide there.

Once they land, give them a good smack. An easy way to do that is by using a rolled up magazine.


  1. July 13, 2019 Reply Cass Great tips people! Thank you much! I woke up this morning to find 9 fresh mosquito bites on my arms. They love me. Not sure why, but if there is one within a hundred miles, it will zoom in on me and bite! Tonight I’m trying the beer trap on my nightstand….. Also bought herbal repellent for me! Thanx again

  2. June 4, 2020 Reply margie Lemus June 04,2020 Thanks, for all your healp, I have 20 holes on my arms, but i’m ready to buy flowers, to kill them, also I will work also on the beer, trap. thank you, so much.


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