Best Homemade Fly Traps to Catch Flies

Homemade Fly Trap

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A homemade fly trap is easy to make and works effectively in getting rid of both outdoors and indoors flies. They make use of materials that can be easily found at home. Most of these are natural fly traps and thus non-toxic and can be used in places with food, children and pets.

Wine trap: Flies normally get attracted to brightly colored and sweet things. With the wine, red wine works best. This can be used together with the wine bottle as the trap or one could put the wine in vessels. When using the wine bottle, get a paper and wrap it into a cone shape so it looks like a funnel. Insert this on the bottle’s opening and use some tape to fasten it. The cone should have a small hole but which should be enough for the flies to pass-through.

Where the wine bottle is impossible to use, any open vessel may do. Put the wine in it and the cone as well. If it is too wide, cover with a plastic wrap and perforate some holes on it. This can then be placed where there are flies.

With this homemade fly trap, the flies will be attracted by the smell of the bait and fly to the wine. When they are in, they lose their ability to navigate back up and out. This way they are trapped. To maintain the trap, one should empty the dead flies and add some fresh bait.


How to Make a Fly Trap

Making a fly trap is not as hard you may have imagined. It works effectively to catch and get rid of flies. Cherry on the top – it takes only a few minutes to make it! So, if you have had it with these annoying flies, it’s time you learn how to make a fly trap and get rid of flies for good. Scroll down to learn 2 different ways to make a DIY fly trap to make sure you never have to see a fly in your house again!

Things You Will Need

  • One empty soda bottle
  • A cutter or scissors
  • A marker
  • 5 – 6 tbsp of sugar
  • A few tbsp of vinegar
  • Sugary bait

Step 1 – Prepare the Bottle

Find an empty bottle of soda. Simply grab a bottle that has been used or if soda is not one of your favorite drinks, simply pour it out to empty the bottle. Once the bottle is empty, it is time to clean it. Remove the cap of the bottle and wash it thoroughly with water. It is advisable to use warm to wash away the soda. Once the bottle is clean, leave for a few minutes so that it dries off on its own or you can use a rag or tissues paper to dry it yourself.

Step 2 – Cut the Top

Once the bottle is clean and dry, use a pair of scissors to cut the top of the bottle. To make sure you cut evenly through the bottle, it is advisable to make markings before you actually start cutting. Use a marker to draw a line that goes perfectly around the bottle. Use the pointy blade of the scissors to poke 2 adjacent holes on the marking. Insert the scissors in the hole and cut around the bottle. Cut the top of the bottle so that you have two separate pieces of the bottle – the top funnel part and the wider shaft of the bottle.

Step 3 – Flip it!

Flip the top piece of the bottle and place it in the lower piece in a way that the funnel leads into the bottle. Keep in mind that it is important to make sure that you don’t cut too close to the funnel otherwise when you’ll invert the top piece, it won’t fit and will simply fall into the lower piece.

Step 4 – Join the Pieces

The structure of your homemade fly trap is complete. Now, all you need to do is fix it by taping the pieces together. You can also staple the pieces to make sure that the pieces stay in place or simply use some to join the cut edge of pieces in position.  Keep in mind that if you are using tape, it is important to make sure it is water resistant. It is advisable to apply three to four pieces to seal it properly.

Another way to join the two pieces of the bottle is to use glue. Whether you use super glue or an ordinary one, make sure it is water resistant. Apply a thin of glue on the top inside of the base pieces before inserting an inverted funnel in it. Press the pieces with your fingers to make sure that they are properly stuck together. Wait until the glue is dry.

Step 5 – Prepare the Bait!

Your homemade fly trap is ready but it won’t catch any flies unless you put out some bait to allure the flies. The idea is to make it as alluring for the flies as possible so that most, if not all, fall for the trap. Everyone knows how flies love to fest on sugary things; therefore, melted sugar syrup makes one of the best baits for flies. Here’s how you can easily create it in just a few minutes.

  • Measure around 5 – 6 tbsp of sugar and lay it evenly in a pan.
  • Pour just enough water that it covers the layer of sugar residing at the bottom of the pan.
  • Place the pan on the stove and let it rest over low heat.
  • As the solution begins to boil, use a spoon to stir it. This makes sure that all the sugar has properly dissolved in the water.
  • Continue to stir the mixture over low heat until the watery solution turns into viscous syrup. This is important because the syrup is more likely to attract flies as compared to a simple sugar solution.

Your bait is ready! Let it sit in the pan until it is cold enough to be handled.

Step 6 – Pour the Syrup into the DIY Fly Trap

The syrup is ready and the fly trap is done. It’s time to transfer the syrup to the bottle. Use a spoon to slowly drip down the inner side of the funnel. Try to drip it near the edges so that the flies get stuck as soon as they land on it.

Helpful Tips

  • Along with the sugary bait, you can also use other things to allure the flies. One way of taking your homemade fly trap to the next level is to slice up some chunks of fruits like apple and fill it in the lower part of the bottle. Allow the fruit to rot. It is a great way to attract flies.
  • If you are using fruit bait, keep the trap near a window. It will not only receive heat and light, causing the fruits to rot quickly, but the spreading smell of the fruits will also act as an attractant.
  • Before setting your homemade fly trap out for the flies, it is a good practice to repeatedly blow in the bottle. It will help you see better results because most insects, including flies, are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide.
  • It is advisable to refrain from reusing the bottle. After some time, you will notice that the attractant lose their potency. Also, the homemade fly trap might get full. When this happens, know that it’s time to throw the bottle away. Trying to empty the bottle is not only hard but also disgusting. You don’t want to handle dead flies. Therefore, don’t hesitate to throw the bottle away and make a new homemade fly trap.

The fly trap is fairly simple and does not cost you more than an empty soda bottle, a few tbsp of sugar, a couple of minutes. Nonetheless, it works effectively, catching the flies as soon as they land on it!

DIY Fly Prevention

Simple to make DIY Fly Prevention trap
Simple to make DIY Fly Prevention trap

If you’re looking to prevent anymore flies coming into your home, this is a simple way of doing just that. The materials for this are a clear plastic bag, some pennies (2-4) and some water. You will also need a string or something to hang it up.

  1. Fill the bag up with water enough so you can still close it.
  2. Place the pennies in the water in the bag.
  3. Hang the bag outside a door or window, somewhere the light will reflect off the pennies.

The way this works is that when the sun shines and reflects off the pennies it will look like the eyes of a predator, almost like that of a spider. This helps repel flies and various other insects but flies especially. Remember that this particular solution is only for repelling flies. If you want to kill flies, you will need stronger ingredients. Fly repellents are only considered to be very useful in homes where there is still no fly infestation. This is the best and easiest way to prevent flies from entering your property.

DIY Vinegar Fly Trap

A vinegar fly trap might be the easiest kind to make, and it's the best kind for fruit flies.

  1. First, grab a shallow dish or bowl.
  2. Put in some bait and fill it with an inch or two of apple cider, possibly mixed with some sugar.
  3. Next, add some fruit-scented dish soap to the bowl. The dish soap breaks the surface tension, so flies are unable to land on the liquid. Instead, they sink and drown.

This trap will work as-is because the flies can't resist the smell and will dive right in just to drown in the liquid, but I suggest covering the bowl with saran wrap you have poked a few holes in (holes that are just large enough for the flies to get through).

This way, all the flies that come to investigate will be trapped, even if they don't fall into the liquid. Some people say this method helps trap more flies, but others say fewer flies are able to find their way into the trap in the first place. If you're using the right kind of bait, though, that should be enough to keep them coming.

Fruit flies love wine!

Variations Of The Drowning Method

There are several other ways to make a trap that will drown flies. Popular methods include:

  • Wine bottle traps: Just leave the dregs of a bottle of wine in the bottom or use the same vinegar solution described above. Then, roll up a piece of paper into a cone shape and stick it in the neck of the bottle. Leave just enough space for a fly to get through.
  • Plastic bottle traps: For this method, cut the top off of a plastic drink bottle. Pour an inch or two of the soapy vinegar solution into the bottom of the bottle. Take the bottle top and turn it so that the mouth faces downward, like a funnel. Cover the top with plastic wrap and poke holes in it.

Alternate Drink Bottle Homemade Fly Trap

There is another kind of fly trap that is used in a homemade fly trap. This is an alternative to the cola bottle trap. Because you will be using raw meat in this trap, it will smell fairly bad. You will want to keep this trap 20ft. away from places of high daily activity. It consists of some raw meat, dish soap, maple syrup, water, a cola bottle, and a plastic bag. It’ll take about a day before you will start to see a result from the fly trap.

  1. Pour in 2 Tbsp. of maple syrup into the bottle.
  2. Fill the bottle up halfway with water.
  3. Add 2-8 drops of dish soap into the bottle.
  4. Put the raw meat bait into the bottle.
  5. Remove the safety band off of the bottle’s nozzle.
  6. Cut a corner off the plastic bag.
  7. Stick that corner into the nozzle of the bottle and try to form it into a funnel with your scissors.
  8. Put the safety band back on the bottle with the plastic bag still in place.
  9. Cut off the excess of the plastic bag.


Can I use apple cider vinegar instead?

Yes. A cup of apple cider vinegar will work as well as white vinegar if that’s what you have on hand. White vinegar is generally cheaper which is why I used it for this homemade trap tutorial.

Do I have to use a two-liter soda bottle? Since you’ll be rinsing the plastic bottle out and using your own indoor fly trap bait, you’re not depending on the soda residue to attract a bunch of flies. So feel free to use water bottles, empty vinegar bottles, or any other plastic container you can upcycle.

If you want to see this homemade fly trap in action, check out the video below:

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