Are you supposed to negotiate at furniture stores?

Will Furniture Stores Negotiate On Price?

As mentioned, furniture stores will generally nego

As mentioned, furniture stores will generally negotiate on price, but your negotiating power will be limited by the following factors. 

The Type Of Furniture Store

Furniture stores certainly aren’t all the same. Take IKEA, for example; IKEA is a large furniture store chain with enormous stores chock-full of all kinds of furniture imaginable.

These kinds of stores don’t have commission-based salesmen but rather employees. This, coupled with the fact that the store’s inventory contains a vast amount of mass-produced pieces, means that shoppers are unable to negotiate; the listed price is what you’ll pay when you checkout.  

Stores like Ashley Furniture or smaller furniture stores, on the other hand, will generally be open to negotiation. These stores have commission-based salesmen (much like a car dealership) who will certainly be open to negotiating if it means moving inventory. 

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Whether Or Not A Piece Is On Clearance

Your negotiating power goes up exponentially when a clearance item enters the equation. There are several reasons that a store might put a piece on clearance, but suffice it to say that, when an item is on clearance, the store is looking to get rid of it quickly. 

This means that if the piece of furniture you’re eyeing is on clearance, you should be able to negotiate on the price. Clearance items are generally already discounted substantially, but since stores are looking to move clearance items as fast as possible, they’re likely to give you an even sweeter deal.

Time Of Year

The time of year will also affect your negotiating power at the furniture store. 

In general, furniture stores receive new stock twice a year—around spring and fall. In the months leading up to this, stores are looking to discount and get rid of old stock. So, to get the best deal, shop for furniture toward the end of the winter and the end of the summer, and you just might be able to talk the price down even more.

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What Is The Best Month To Buy Furniture On Sale?

As mentioned, the best furniture sales are toward the end of the winter and summer. So, plan to shop for furniture in January, February, August, and September.

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Tips and Tricks on How to Negotiate Prices at the Furniture Store

With all that in mind, can you negotiate furniture

With all that in mind, can you negotiate furniture prices?


You need the right strategic plan. Some strategies for negotiating a lower price on furniture include the following:

  • The customer can prove that they can’t afford it
  • The customer is willing to pay less than the asking price
  • The customer insists that they deserve a break, and
  • The customer can show confidence and makes a compelling case.

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According to retail experts, furniture is marked up by at least 50 – 70% in most stores, and it’s not uncommon for the markup to be as much as 200%.

In other words, buying furniture at retail price is one of the worst consumer rip-offs. Here are some tips and tricks to negotiate furniture prices:

Do Some Research

Checking out sale ads from local stores and doing an online search helps determine a reasonable price to pay for furniture.

When negotiating with a salesperson, he will be aware of your knowledge about costs because you did some research on the subject, which means he’ll be less likely to take advantage of you.

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For example, if the salesman wants $1,500 for a piece of furniture but you later find out that buying it at a competitor would only cost $1,00, you won’t stand much of a chance at trying to get him to lower the price.

Plan the Furniture Store Visit

To get the best deals on furniture, visit your loc

To get the best deals on furniture, visit your local furniture store in the final week of a salesperson’s month.

Stores with incentives give salespeople monthly quotas to meet, so they’re often more willing to negotiate on price and other issues if you visit during the last week each month.

It might also be more advantageous to shop on weekdays because most salespeople have more flexibility in their schedules than on weekends.

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Start Negotiating For The Furniture

Salespersons are trained to reduce the price if necessary to get a sale. This is a critical point to understand when figuring out how to negotiate furniture prices.

Try to make the listed furniture price to an obstacle by first explaining that you would like to buy this sofa or patio set, yet it’s way over your intended budget.

You can also bring up the competitor’s lower price. Don’t forget to mention you saw the same furniture set at a different store and it was significantly cheaper.

Note: Always ask if they would match that price or offer a discount so that you could take home this piece rather than go with something cheaper but less desirable.

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Ask For Concessions

When shopping, you may encounter a salesperson who won’t knock down the price of an item.

However, you can always ask for concessions that might make your purchase more appealing and affordable.

If a low price is important to you, suggest one or more of the following:

  • Delivery services
  • Warranties on purchases
  • Other accessories

If your request is denied, offer to purchase other add-ons or wait until the store offers its products at a discount.

Is Ashley Furniture overpriced?

Ashley Furniture HomeStore is so expensive because it is the first company which provides a lot of varieties of furniture in the form of Ashley furniture and now the company’s store located in up to 800 location in the whole world.

4. Inspect Every Corner of the Store

Photo: Hispanolistic / E+ / Getty Images
Photo: Hispanolistic / E+ / Getty Images

Avid furniture shoppers know you have to search every nook and cranny to find the best savings. The crème de la crème don’t even bother with the front display (unless it’s to buy the floor model furniture), often making a beeline directly to the back instead. After all, it’s there that most retailers hide the deeply discounted furniture they don’t want you to see right away.

What is the best way to sell furniture?

As you will see, there are many places to sell furniture online.
  1. Craigslist. Craigslist is one of the best places to start selling furniture online.
  2. Letgo. A popular Craigslist alternative is Letgo.
  3. Local Newspaper.
  4. 4. Facebook.
  5. Antique Stores.
  6. Consignment Stores.
  7. Used Furniture Stores.
  8. Have a Garage Sale.

3) Always Ask For More Than You Want

The first step to great furniture shopping is being armed with the knowledge of how to negotiate. The key is always to ask for more than what you want. When you go into a store, make sure you’re asking for everything you need and even a little bit extra. That way, when the salesperson says, “I’ll give you $500 off,” you can counter with “I’ll take it.”

Be persistent, and don’t be afraid to try and haggle for the price. It’s gamesmanship that works in your favor, so keep at it!

In this post, we’ll cover what information you should look out for when negotiating furniture prices so that when the time comes, you’ll have all the knowledge in the world and be ready to handle anything they throw at you! Read on and learn how to negotiate furniture prices today in order to get the best deals for your home!

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

While you probably won’t have much luck negotiating furniture prices at chains, independently owned shops are usually more open-minded. Haggling is an art form in its own right, but there are a few tricks anyone can successfully apply to their furniture-shopping experience. 

Test the Waters

Get a feel for a store before you start asking for discounts. Are the retailers forthcoming and eager to answer your questions? Or are they uninterested in your presence? Use your best judgment to determine if a shop will be open to your haggling efforts.

Ask the Right Questions

Don’t pose questions that can easily be answered with a yes or no when trying to get the best deal on furniture. You want the interaction to last as long as possible because a retailer is more likely to cave the longer they chat with you. 

If, for example, you’re interested in a six-seat sectional but only have the budget for four of those seats, ask a salesperson howyou can make your dream a reality. They may give you a discount or point you in the direction of a less costly yet similarly high-quality alternative. 

Maintain Your Poker Face

When the moment of bargaining finally arrives, show no emotion. Even the slightest smile or wince could give away your leverage. When in doubt, remain silent. Sometimes, the awkwardness of saying nothing will force the other person to break their own silence and give in to your demands. 

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