8 Things To Carry In Your Car When Driving In Lagos

List of Things to Keep in Your Car

The list of things to always keep in your car can be broken down into several categories. There are things to always keep in your car in case your car breaks down or you get into an accident, as well as less essential items, such as handy things to keep your car clean. Here is an easy guide for you to reference.


2. A roll of black all-weather duct tape to keep in your glove compartment because you never know when a piece of your car will fall apart

Amazon Promising review: “I love Gorilla tape. It’s so strong. Ever since I used it to seal some windows that were bad and leaky, I’ve had rolls around the house for any other uses that need something strong like this tape. I used this on windows where the glazing was bad and water was getting into the house and it protected them for eight months before I could replace the windows and it kept the water out. I also used it to tape up plastic sheeting before a hurricane and it did not come off during the storm. However, I’ve learned it is not so great on cardboard moving boxes. Yep, this tape rocks.” —FireflyJones Get it from Amazon for $9.94.

25. A dog car harness that can also be used as a no-pull walking harness. It comes with five adjustment points to give a custom fit for most dogs

amazon.com Promising review: “I’m pretty impressed with this purchase. I was worried that it might be a weird fit because I wasn’t sure what size to get. I ended up buying a medium for my dog and it fit well. He is a Chihuahua-and-Jack Russell mix (body is more of a JR). He is about 19–21 pounds and pretty short. I like that it comes with a detachable strap that has a clip for a seatbelt and a carabiner that seems VERY secure. I think this was a good purchase!” —S N Get it from Amazon for $18.99 (available in sizes S–XL and six colors).

3. Koboko

This one is multi-purpose. If someone blocks your car in the parking lot and they still have the nerve to insult you, this one will teach them a lesson. And if any driver bashes your car and tries to move mad, just come down and flog the living daylight out of them. Again, if this person can fight, Zikoko cannot help you.

First Aid Supplies

You won’t always have the luxury of being able to seek medical attention from a qualified doctor when you hurt yourself out on the road. Thus, it is imperative that you maintain a well-stocked first aid kit. Here are the important things to keep in your car first aid kit at all times:

  • Bandages – both triangular and crepe rolled
  • Plasters in various shapes and sizes
  • Gauze dressing
  • Antiseptic spray and cream
  • Antihistamine medication
  • Painkillers such as aspirin or paracetamol
  • Disinfectant hand wipes
  • Distilled water
  • Disposable sterile gloves
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Safety pins
  • Any important allergy or chronic medications you require

7. Duvet

This is not to show that you are violent. In fact, it is to show that you have enough time for rubbish. If someone overtakes you rudely and you finally get to overtake them, just block their path and pull out your duvet. Now balance on your seat and fall asleep. That place they were rushing to get to, we will see where they will get there. Just pray this person has not read this article because…

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