8 Best Way To Store LONG Extension Cords (In Your Garage or Shop)


  • Note the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to where you can use the extension cord. Do not use an indoor extension cord for outdoor or heavy-duty applications, or you may risk exposing yourself to an electrical shock or potential fire. 
  • Exercise extra caution when using extension cords around heavy moisture or wet areas. Insulate naked wires to avoid getting shocked. Also, remember to wear shoes when working with electricity. 
  • Be mindful of where you install the power cord and the location of the type of tool you power. For instance, it’s easy to cut a ceiling-mounted power cord if you are powering a chainsaw, and that can be deadly. 
  • Keep the extension cord out of reach of children. Disconnect the plugs once you are done using them, and roll the cord back to its reel for safekeeping. Loose cords around the house can be a safety hazard. 


Detailing the Best Extension Cord Reels of 2022


Check On AmazonTHE SCOOP This is an 11-inch cord reel designed in the US with quality materials. It’s made of heavy-duty impact-resistant plastic for sturdiness and can hold up to 100 foot 16/3 SJT or 75 foot 14/3 SJT cord. Key Features The Bayco reel can be used for tactical, outdoor, and recreational levels. It has been tested for durability and safety in the toughest situations, so you can work without any worries. This extension cord reel is sturdy yet lightweight and comes in a bright orange color for increased visibility.


Check On AmazonTHE SCOOP This is a 2-in-1 extension cord reel that comes with both a mounting bracket and an easy-grip handle. It has 3 power outlets for simultaneous use and offers automatic retractability for easy and efficient use. Key Features Quality with excellent functionality – that’s what defines this cord reel. It has a number of impressive features, including a heavy-duty strain relief for optimal performance, and a slip-resistant design along with a water and oil resistant vinyl covering that protects cords against moisture, abrasion, etc. All this makes this reel one of the best options.


Check On AmazonTHE SCOOP This contractor-grade cord carrier has been designed for contractors and professionals. It can store up to 125 feet of 14/3 cord and 150 feet of 16/3 cord and is suitable for rope, hose, and dock lines. Key Features If you’re a professional looking for an extension cord reel for onsite work, the Alert Stamping carrier is an excellent choice for you. It’s simple yet sturdy and offers maximum efficiency along with ease of use. The reel can be mounted on the wall or carried to the job easily.


Check On AmazonTHE SCOOP This heavy-duty cord storage wheel is ideal for extension cords, lights, hoses, and rope. It has a lightweight design with a handle for easy transportation and a hook to keep the cord in place. Key Features With a lightweight design and an easy-to-grip handle, the cord wheel is a great choice for work that requires frequent moving. This extension cord reel can hold up to 150-feet of 16/3 gauge cord or 125-feet of 14/3 gauge cord, which is good enough. Generally, it’s an option worth looking at.


Check On AmazonTHE SCOOP This extension cord comes with a number of impressive features, including a slip-resistant design, a durable strain relief, a circuit breaker switch, and a 3-prong plug, and a flexible vinyl covering. Key Features This cord reel is the true definition of quality and outstanding functionality. It’s a 16-gauge, 3 wire extension reel that comes with a mountable bracket so you can easily attach it to your garage ceiling and reinforced blades that protect prongs from bending or breaking. To sum up, it’s one of the best extension cord reels out there.

Safety Tips for Using Extension Cords

It’s essential to follow some simple safety tips to ensure you and your loved ones remain safe when using extension cords.

  • Don’t remove the grounding pin to fit it into a two-prong outlet.
  • Make sure to use the correct rating.
  • Check to see if it’s intended for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Match the wattage rating to the appliance or tool—don’t use a lower rating.
  • Stop using the cord if it feels hot to the touch.
  • Never run an extension cord under furniture or rugs.
  • Steer clear of plugging in multiple appliances to one cord.
  • Don’t coil or bend when in use.
  • Don’t plug two or more together.
  • Refrain from nailing, taping, or stapling to the floor.
  • Shield receptacles with childproof covers when not in use.
  • Use polarized or three-prong plug extension cords.
  • Do not run cords through doorways, walls, floors, or ceilings.

Some overload warning signs to look out for when using an extension cord:

  • It is hot to the touch.
  • A colored wire from the inside of the cord is visible.
  • A smell of hot plastic or burning near an outlet or appliance.
  • Blackness or burn marks near a power outlet, plug, or appliance.
  • Broken or frayed plugs.
  • A blown fuse or circuit breaker.

Our Verdict

For ample power supply, UL-listed safety, and indoor/outdoor flexibility, we recommend the Iron Forge Cable extension cord as our top pick. Those who need more power capability for a home office, countertop, or entertainment center would be better off using the GE cord, featuring 3 outlets and multiple color choices.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Iron Forge Cable. It won’t tangle with other cords in your workspace when pulled to its maximum length, and the cord rolls and retracts seamlessly back in the reel. 

If you are looking for an affordable extension cord reel that can help you perform light household tasks, we recommend the Bayco Retractable Metal Cord Reel with 3 Outlets. It can be fixed on a wall or a ceiling, and its metal housing guarantees its durability. 


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