5 Reasons To Give Your Dog Beef Marrow Bones

Bone Marrow Recipe – Easy Roasted Bone Marrow – YouTube

In this video I will teach you how to cook bone marrow. I will show you how easy it is to make roasted bone marrow that you can enjoy on toast with some wine…


What can you do with left over bone marrow?

Healthy saturated fats, minerals, and proteins such as collagen may be found in abundance in bone marrow. It may be eaten directly off the bone, spread over toast, or even used to make tacos, depending on your preference. Additionally, the marrow bones can be cooked with vegetables to produce a nutrient-dense bone broth.

Is Bone marrow a Superfood?

It features a soft, sponge-like texture, as well as a rich, buttery, and meaty flavor that complements the texture. It is a genuine superfood since it provides the sorts of nutrients that are necessary for our bodies to function properly and to assist healing processes.

Recommended Beer Pairings

The richness and savory fattiness of softened bone marrow are a perfect match for the lively, cleansing carbonation of beer. In addition, brews with pronounced malty sweetness (ex. Munich helles lager) or roasted malt bitterness (ex. Irish stouts) display a strong affinity for their umami flavor. It is no accident that marrow bones are prominently featured on the menus of iconic craft beer pubs and beer halls such as our beloved Euclid Hall in Denver, Colorado. 

We especially like to pair bone marrow with dark German lagers such as bocks and dunkel (for both the excellent carbonation and sweet caramel notes) and dry Belgian saison ales. In winter, we suggest Belgian dark ales such as dubbels or oak foeder aged Flemish sour ales like Rodenbach Grand Cru. 

Where To Buy Beef Marrow Bones?

  • Start by asking your local butcher. This is your best bet to get fresh, never frozen and perfectly trimmed and cleaned marrow bones. We typically place a call with our local meat guy and request the number of bones and type of cut we’d like. He works about a week in advance, which is typical for smaller town butchers. 
  • Sometimes Whole Foods has them – check their frozen meat section versus the meat cases. As of late the meat cases of grocers like Kroger have started including them in their assortment. 
  • Many ethnic stores carry marrow bones. We bought the cross-cut ones we used in this post from a local Mexican grocer – they were clean, vacuum sealed and frozen – a breeze to thaw and prepare. An Asian food store nearby also carries them.

Storing or Freezing Beef Stock

Refrigerate beef stock for up to one week. Leaving the layer of fat that forms on it on top of the broth once chilled will add a protective layer against bacteria while the stock is in the refrigerator.

Freeze stock for 3 to 5 months in freezer safe, zip top bags or freezer safe canning jars (leave an inch of room at the top for expansion as the broth freezes). Freeze in recipe-ready amounts. If you have a little remaining, freeze the stock in ice cube trays. Once frozen, put the frozen beef stock cubes in a zip top bag for use when a soup or stew needs just a little more liquid or flavor.

Making Your Own Beef Stock

If you make a big batch and freeze it, you may save some money. But the main reason is that you'll get a richness of flavor and texture in your homemade stock that you just can't buy at the store.

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Reason 3 – beef marrow bones are great for dental health

Dogs can clean their teeth naturally by chewing bones. Yes, there is always the danger of breaking a tooth. Yes, dogs should be monitored when chewing bones to prevent any choking or ingesting of the actual bone. If you think about it, dogs can break their teeth playing ball, or doing many things. Unless your dog is a super aggressive chewer, beef marrow bones are an excellent way to help keep those chompers shiny clean. The bones come in lots of sizes, so you can get the best size for your dog. Remember, I’m ten and have the teeth of a four year old, partially from chewing bones!

Sourcing and Preparing Marrow Bones for Dogs



Before cooking marrow bones, you need to know where to buy marrow bones and how to purchase the best.

Local butchery or raw food co-op is the first place dog parents turn to.

You can also purchase marrow bones from Amazon.

One good thing about bone for dogs from Amazon is that retailers on the platform have done the hard work of choosing the best bones for your dog.

Some of the bones that they stock have also been professionally roasted for better taste and maximum nutrition for your dog.Check out this post for the best smoked bones for dogs on Amazon right now: Best Smoked Bones for Dogs

Irrespective of where you decide to buy your marrow bones, remember to choose bones that are safe for your dog.

In particular, ensure that the bones are appropriate for your dog’s age and breed.

Let’s explain this a bit:


For puppies, avoid marrow bones from hard-to-chew bones until all the puppy teeth have been replaced with adult teeth.

And if you have a puppy that’s new to the family and you aren’t familiar with his chewing style, consider getting softer marrow bones.

If you have senior or elderly dogs, go for softer marrow bones as well because such dogs often suffer from brittle teeth or worn-out teeth (due to life-long use).


Medium to large dog breeds like German shepherds, Great Dane, Labradors, Dobermans, etc should be given marrow bones that are large enough so that they don’t chew and swallow them, causing chocking hazards.

Go for Jumbos, cut femurs, and knuckles if you have such dogs.

Things like chicken bones, lamb or pork are too small and brittle for larger dog breeds and should be avoided as they can easily swallow them, causing intestinal blockage.  

As a general guide, ensure that the marrow bone you choose for your dog doesn’t fit inside his mouth.

In other words, the marrow bone should be larger than your pup’s muzzle, making it impossible for him to swallow it whole.

Brachiocephalic breeds like bulldogs, Shih Tzu, pugs, and boxers are not physically designed to chew bones safely and effectively.

If you own such dogs, just avoid bone marrow treats altogether. Consider giving them something like a Kong toy as a substitute or bone broth (without bones).  

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The bone should neither have sharp edges nor too small to be swallowed whole.

So, the next step is to ensure that the marrow bone is cut the right way.

If you are going to purchase your marrow bones from a local butchery or food store, we recommend asking your shop attendant to slice for you the marrow bone on the vertical so that each side of the marrow appears like half of a circle.

The vertical cuts not only give a beautiful presentation but are also safe for your dog to chew. Horizontal cuts tend to splinter a lot.

Most importantly, it allows any herb flavors that you include in your recipe to marry the marrow, enhancing more even cooking.

Last but not least, strive to know the age of the animal the bone marrow is derived from.

Avoid bones derived from older animals because the longer an animal lives, the more it gets exposed to environmental toxins.

Do Marrow Bones Need To Be Soaked?

Marrow bones should be soaked for 1-2 days in salted water before they are prepared.

Soaking them in salty water removes the blood and any oil and dead skin cells which would otherwise ruin the taste.

To soak your marrow bone properly, place them in a roomy bowl, cover them with water and add 2 tablespoons of salt.

You can then refrigerate the bones.

For best results, change the water 4-6 times and add fresh salt each time you change the water.

You can then use the bones immediately or you can also freeze them for up to 2 months.

If you soak the bones for less than a day, you may not notice any significant difference.

Also, if you don’t change the water 4-6 times, you will not get rid of the blood and dead skin cells.

So, you have to be patient with the process for the best results.

Beef Bone Broth in an Electric Pressure Cooker


 · Bone broth requires meaty, collagen-rich bones. You can use beef or chicken bones or a combination of the two. For the richest broth, we suggest oxtail, marrow bones, and even short ribs for beef, and wings for chicken. This bone broth is 3-step process: First the bones are roasted, then the bones

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