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5 Dead Body Dream Meanings (What does Dreaming of Dead Bodies Mean)

SUMMARYDead bodies in dreams are believed to hint at transformation in waking life. It can also be a manifestation of fear or failure in your real life. 

Whenever you dream of a dead body, the first question that comes to your mind is Why? Why did the dream scare you? Why did the dream not feel dangerous? Or, why was the dream so weird in your head? Why did your mind come up with this dream suddenly?

Such dead body dreams often have specific sections or stigmas they show. The people involved, the situation, and the vividity might vary. Yet the true inner concept remains the same. Usually, such dead body dreams have the following five meanings:

1. Transition

You’ll notice how most dead body dreams hint at transformation. Such dreams occur when your real life is in a phase of transition. This transition can be anything – something really tiny like changing your home or something major like marriage.

Infact, the dream often also hints at which aspect of your life is making you nervous. If you dream of a family member’s dead body, it shows the time for a change in your family bonding.

2. Serious illness

When you feel like your body is giving up, such dead body dreams can occur. The dead body dream is your mind’s way to show you pain. It implies that either you are going through some medical issues or might face some in the future.

Our subconscious mind has weird ways to show us the harsh truth. These dreams can also mean that the other person in your dream might be facing health issues as well. It often hints at something critical or a life-death situation.

3. Fear

Whenever you fear something in life, you can have a dead body dream to highlight that fear. This could mean a fear of death itself for some. For others, it could mean a fear of change, or people, or even a new job.

Our mind tends to overthink and the dream is the only window for it to let out the thought. Infact, if you calmly understand the dream and don’t let it overpower you, it can even show you the chance to overcome your worries.

4. Failure

After you fail to finish a task or achieve a goal, your grief is shown in this dream. The dead body often signifies the failed mission. Moreover, this dream is an outlet for you to let go and start afresh.

It often reflects how the corpse in a dream is the end of your mission but the surroundings might show new opportunities. Infact, the dream can be a pointer for you to move on from past failures and look for new success.

5. Ending of bad times

With the transition, there is always an ending attached. To move on to something better, you need to let go of the bad past. Dead body in dreams often shows your efforts to say goodbyes. It can be for bad relationships, bad colleagues, lost friends, or even your own personality traits.

Once you move on and accept the end, then only you can start a new beginning. This also means that you’ve taken a stand to get rid of all negativity in your life.


What to Do With a Dead Cat in Winter?

If you found a dead cat during winter you can either dispose of it in a garbage can, cremate it (which is expensive) or give it proper burial. If you choose to bury the cat, it may be challenging since the ground is frozen. In that case, you may need to put the cat in a freezer until winter is over. 

To read more about this method, check out our post on How Long Can You Keep a Dead Pet In the Freezer?

Become a diamond

Photo: Yuri Bodrikhin, UnsplashPhoto: Yuri Bodrikhin, Unsplash

When ad agency copywriter Frances Gerety came up with the slogan “a diamond is forever” for De Beers in 1947, she probably didn’t have this in mind. But yes, it’s possible to turn your ashes into a diamond.

Essentially, the process involves the same heat, pressure, time and carbon used to create a diamond in nature. A few different companies offer this service, including Algordanza and LifeGem.

6 Illusions Of Growth

Even though someone has been ruled dead, it may take time for the body to fully cease functioning. Once the brain shuts down, the body follows, but some have claimed that though the body is no longer alive, the hair and nails continue to grow.

As horrifying as that sounds, the truth is that the hair and nails only appear to have grown. When a body dies, it no longer has a supply of oxygen, making it impossible for glucose, which stimulates nail and hair growth, to be produced. What actually occurs is that the skin around the nails and hair begins to retract due to dehydration, making it appear that the nails and hair have grown longer, when in reality, they’re the same as they were before death. This also applies to men with stubble and hair on their chest; as the skin shrinks, the hair looks more prominent, making it seem as if the body has developed more stubble after death.

Goosebumps after death due to contractions of the muscles in the skin can also impact how hair can appear.[5] In some circumstances, it will give the effect that the hair has grown longer, but once the contractions end, the hair will return back to its normal state.

Those of you with hair, such as men with beards, shouldn’t worry. Funeral staff will moisturize bodies to decrease the look of dry skin.

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Become a tree or plant

Photo: Andreas NextVoyagePL, UnsplashPhoto: Andreas NextVoyagePL, Unsplash

If you want to leave your loved ones with a memorial to you, but don’t want to make them schlep to a cemetery, you may be interested in having your ashes mixed with soil that is used to grow a tree or plant. One company that specialises in this is Soul Trees, which has branches in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. They offer a ‘Bios Urn’ that ‘convert[s] you into a TREE after life’ – and who wouldn’t want that?

Reporting the death

The Tell Us Once service lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go.

You can use Tell Us Once if the person who died:

  • normally lived in England, Scotland or Wales
  • was abroad temporarily (for example, on holiday or a business trip)

Contact a register office to use Tell Us Once. They will either:

  • complete the Tell Us Once service with you
  • give you a unique reference number so you can use the service yourself online or by phone

If you cannot use Tell Us Once, tell organisations about the death yourself.

Find out more about coping with a death abroad.

Is My Snake Hibernating Or Dead?

Snakes are ectothermic, which means that they can’t regulate their body temperature. They don’t go into deep hibernation for months as many mammals do.

Their version of hibernating can be called dormancy or brumation, and they do this if they feel very cold.

When a snake goes into brumation, they occasionally wake up to warm themselves. If you pick up a snake during this time, they will react to your touch and will even wrap their body around your hand.

If startled they will look around, to make sure that everything is okay, before going back to sleep.

Many snakes don’t need to brumate, it’s only if they live in very cold regions. This is because it’s a great way to conserve energy which is ultimately the purpose behind it.

When a snake wants to brumate, they will go into their hiding place and remain there for a long time. They will wake up occasionally but will not consume food as they require warmth for digestion.

If you want to know for certain whether your snake is hibernating or dead, you must be aware that a dead snake will not react to any stimuli, it will just hang limply from your hands and be completely unresponsive.

Biblical Meaning of dead body in dreams

Acceptance and penance are the two key arrows of dead body dreams. When you struggle in finding the truth in your real life, the dream finds ways to show it to you. When you need a push to accept the change in your life, the dream comes knocking on your door.

Or, when you need to grieve, the dead body dream shows you the path. When you need time to regroup, the dream gives you an opportunity. Dead body in dreams has been significant for a very long time. They show the connection between the mind, the heart, and the soul. Such dreams are often known to be hidden mysteries of connection between the living and the dead.

3 Appear Aroused

Responding to certain stimuli when alive is natural and occurs even in the most inopportune of times. While it can be embarrassing if the moment isn’t right, it’s nothing near as creepy as a dead man getting an erection.

Once the heart stops beating, all of the blood that was previously circulating begins to trickle down and collect at the lowest part of the body available. In some cases, depending on how the man died, such as those who have suffered a spinal injury or passed facedown, this can be in the genital area. The continuous pooling of blood is only natural, as is the reaction it causes in the dead man’s penis, referred to as priapism.[8]

While this is uncommonly seen now, it can also happen with women. When a woman dies similarly, her labia can become enlarged, and her clitoris can swell.

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