21 Good Excuses to not Hang out with Someone at the Last Minute

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We all know what “I’m too busy” really means. It’s our most popular, socially acceptable catch-all excuse for getting out of just about any situation.

If you’ve got family that can afford to foot the bill, school is a very good excuse to borrow money. Anyone can fall ill at any time or have an accident that lands them in the hospital. Without health insurance, hospital bills and medication can easily break the bank and put you into debt.

Grace is not an excuse for you to justify any sin. At that moment in his or her life, they are being led by their sin nature, unless they repent and turn back to the KING. Romans 8:8 KJVS [8] So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.

is that excuse is an explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgment while alibi is (legal) the plea or mode of defense under which a person on trial for a crime proves or attempts to prove that he was in another place when the alleged act was committed; as, to set up an alibi; to prove an alibi.

an excuse, especially to avoid blame. a person used as one’s excuse: My sick grandmother was my alibi for missing school. Informal. to give an excuse; offer a defense: to alibi for being late.

Anxiety disorders are real, serious medical conditions – just as real and serious as physical disorders such as heart disease or diabetes. Anxiety disorders are the most common and pervasive mental disorders in the United States.

There are various reasons to consider dropping a class, some of which include:Over-enrolled in courses: Maybe you just took on too much too soon. Not a good fit. Don’t think you can get a passing grade. Class is too easy and want to advance faster. Your interests or decisions about the future changed:

The following cases are usually acceptable reasons to call in sick:Contagious illness. Injury or illness that negatively impacts productivity. Medical appointment. Diagnosed medical condition. Hospitalization. Pregnancy or delivery.

Good excuses to miss workSickness. If you’re not feeling well, it’s best not to go to work. Family illness or emergency. Home emergency/car trouble. Death of a loved one. Feeling tired. Unhappy in your job. Poor planning.

You have food poisoning However, one extra detail you can provide is to say you think you have food poisoning. This is one of the most legitimate and believable excuses to miss work, especially the day of your shift, since most people understand how serious and unexpected food poisoning can be.

Once in a while, you need a good excuse to miss work on short notice — a believable excuse that won’t cause alarm and won’t land you on the chopping block. A sick day, doctor’s appointment, and family emergencies are some of the common excuses (and valid reasons) for missing work.

A good excuse to miss work is a real one. You have to miss work because you’re really sick, you need a self-care day, you have a family emergency or something else that’s genuine. Bear in mind that having a minor cough, stubbing your toe, feeling “tired” or other minor illnesses are not good excuses to miss work.

Car troubles are always a good excuse, but they do offer some potential karma blow-back. So, when you do lie about car troubles so you can get a head start on that three-day weekend, make sure you make up something that would legitimately prevent you from driving to work, but also wouldn’t be too expensive to fix.

Other than the flu, back pain is the second most used excuses to skip work by employees. It’s realistic, believable, and unexpected. Saying you woke up in the middle of the night with an aching back, woke up in the morning barely able to move, or are in severe pain, this may buy a couple days to help you ‘heal’.

When to appeal a parking ticketYou were parked correctly. The parking signs or road markings were unclear. There was no way to pay. You were charged too much. You weren’t driving when the ticket was issued. You couldn’t get back to your car. Your car broke down. You were only just out of time.

It found 72.9 percent of employers would consider vomiting as a good reason to call in sick, while 71 percent would accept diarrhoea and 58.1 percent would be fine with the flu.

A family emergency is another reasonable excuse for missing work. Your boss may ask you for more information, and if you feel comfortable, you may provide some details such as the family member affected.

Reasons to call in sickContagious illness. If you are contagious, you can protect the health of your coworkers and customers, if applicable, by staying home. Injury or illness that negatively impacts productivity. Medical appointment. Diagnosed medical condition. Hospitalization. Pregnancy or delivery.

Excuses to leave work earlyPersonal illness or dical appointment.Family emergency.Home emergency.Religious observances.Work-related commitments.

Your body needs time for proper healing after a root canal treatment, but this shouldn’t be a hindrance to your routine activities. Most people can even resume work the next day. However, you should consult your dentist about the necessary aftercare to ensure a sound recovery.

How do you text in sick examples

Answered By: Cyrus Hernandez Date: created: Apr 29 2021

Sick? Text Message to Boss Examples“I have (the flu/a cold/etc.) … “I’m feeling ill today and don’t think I can do my job efficiently. … “I’m not feeling well today and need to take the day off.”“I’m not feeling well and need to use a sick day, but I’ll be back at work tomorrow.”More items…•Jan 18, 2021

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How to Tell Your Colleagues

As mentioned, informing your colleagues and attendees of meetings is a critical part of taking the day off. Here’s what you’ll want to do:

  • Contact them on Slack or email (or both).
  • Inform them of the reason you’ll be taking a day off (from the list above).
  • Inform them of your plan to catch up with your work the next day. Or anything that they might need to keep up productivity (like someone who can fill in for you).
  • Change any meetings that you are planning. Or inform meeting holders that you will not be attending due to being out of the office.
  • Then propose ways to solve the fact that you will be missing meetings. For example, having someone fill in for you to take notes. Follow up with the meeting holder, manager, or boss the day you’re back to get a recap of what happened in the meeting.

How do you say no to coming to work

Answered By: Malcolm Bailey Date: created: Sep 06 2021

How to Say ‘No’ When You’re Called into Work out of HoursDon’t give stupid excuses. It’s human nature that, when saying ‘no’ to someone, we feel as though we have to justify ourselves. … Stick to your guns. … Be confident in yourself and your answer. … Offer a rain check. … Offer a solution to the problem. … Don’t cave to threats. … Don’t let it get out of hand.Jun 27, 2019

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How do I tell my boss I cant come in

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Tips for Calling in Sick to Work Let your boss know about your illness as soon as possible. If you are feeling very ill the night before and know you won’t make it in to work, you can send your boss a message that evening. Otherwise, tell your boss first thing in the morning. Keep it brief.

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Finally, we think that it is important that the fear of presentations is real, and that it doesn’t have to stop you from saying what you think or promote absenteeism. 

If none of the above excuses to miss a presentation work (or if you don’t want to lie), you could speak with your teacher/the coordinator and offer an alternative to the oral presentation. We are all human beings and I am sure you can find the right solution, even if it will require more time.

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Is it a Bad Sign When You Make Excuses to Miss Work?

Everyone misses work from time to time and it’s not necessarily a bad sign that you need to take an unexpected day off.

However, if you fail to inform your employer early enough and cause difficulties such as scheduling issues, then it could leave your boss upset.

You shouldn’t feel bad about telling your employer you need a day off with any of the reasons above, but give them as much notice as possible and don’t call out as a common occurrence.

What are some good sick excuses

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Here Are the Top 9 Excuses From the Study:Flu.Back pain.Injury caused by accident.Stress.Elective pression.Anxiety.Common cold.More items…•Sep 5, 2018

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4. I am sick

This may not seem like a good option if you don’t want to go to a family party, as they may become concerned and cancel their planned party to visit you. Only use this explanation if you’re certain the gathering is far more valuable than your illness, or if you can think of something that won’t bother them and isn’t a poor reason to skip it.

Can you call off work for a mental health day

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It may be frustrating if you’re unable to directly explain why you need time off, but as long as you’re honest in that you’re sick, not specifying it’s for your mental health is fine. When you’re requesting time off, it’s OK to be brief.

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2. Transportation issue

You can use a variety of commuting concerns regardless of where you live! And, while travel complications are infuriating most of the time, they can be a significant plus in this case:

“There is construction going on near my house, I can’t drive the car.”

“I just checked, and you don’t believe what happened. I am not able to book Uber, due to excess bookings.”

“I just checked, and I found that there is a problem in my car.”

4. Father got a heart attack!

Unfortunately, one more excuse in the group of the sad and negative ones on our list of real good family emergency excuses to get out of work last minute. A surprise factor related to the family can never be foreseen, and in a majority of cases, it makes us heartbroken, sorrowful and worried, especially when it comes to the closest ones. All in tears, your mother hardly can tell you about your father’s serious health condition. Feeling disturbed and extremely worried, you immediately go to the hospital to see your father. Because everything has happened so fast, your boss will easily recognize the severity of the situation and offer to do everything in his power.

Irena Misevic/Shutterstock.com

Irena Misevic/Shutterstock.com

How to Call in Sick (Additional Examples)

Text Examples

  • “Hi (Manager Name). I woke up not feeling well and will be staying home from work today. I'll keep you in the loop, as I'm hoping to feel better by tomorrow.”

  • “Hi (Manager Name). I'm not feeling well this morning, and I need to use a sick day. I'll be back tomorrow if I'm feeling any better. Feel free to reach out if anything urgent comes up.”

Email Example

Hi (Manager Name),

Sorry for the late notice, but I woke up not feeling well this morning and will be taking a sick day to get better. I'm hoping to be back in by tomorrow but will keep you updated if I'm not feeling any better. 

Feel free to reach out if anything urgent comes up. 

Thank you, 


work Excuse #4

With the delivery of specific packages (alcohol, expensive products, etc.), you often need to sign or accept in person. 

This is one of the best excuses to leave work early if needed. Mention the delivery was scheduled for (insert time here), and you need to sign to accept. 

Note: Your boss might suggest shipping goods directly to the office next time to prevent you from missing work. 


  • "We have a shipment of____ coming in the mail today that I need to sign for." 

  • “I’ve been waiting for ___ to show up and FedEx says it should be arriving today. I’ll be out of the office right away but back in after the package arrives.”

What If I Need to Take Off in Advance

If you need to get out of work in the future and know the date. Then you can either use a last-minute excuse the day you need to use it. Or decide that it’s better to take a vacation day or unpaid workday.

Most employers will be okay with a last-minute vacation day. And if you don’t receive vacation days, they’ll be okay with last-minute needs you have to address. It’s okay to take an escape from your job. And refresh yourself.

Employers have changed their policies dramatically about this. Flexibility is one of the top benefits that Generation-Z and Millennials appreciate in the workforce. This has caused a shift in the workplace. Making it more common for employees to be seeking time off and last minute flexibility.

The point is, don’t overthink it. The need to take

The point is, don’t overthink it. The need to take time off is okay. And, understandably, sometimes you don’t need to share the reasoning.

What are some good reasons to call out of work?

9 Legitimate Reasons to “Call Off” When Working From Home

You’re Sick. … You Have a Doctor’s Appointment. … You Have a Family Emergency. … Someone Else Is Sick. … You Suffer a Loss. … You Have a Household Emergency. … You Need a Mental Health Day. … You’re Experiencing Bad Weather.

6. Grandma broke her leg

Come on grandma! Did you really have to climb those steep stairs in the middle of the night to drink a glass of water? Really?! The old people are like kids. You have to tell them the same thing a dozen of time, and again, they do the same. That glass of water will cause the medical intervention, and that means you’ll have to call your superior and ask for an absence permission. Grandma emergencies rank 6th on our list of  real good family emergency excuses to get out of work last minute, and are quite good enough to get your day off and spend it with her in the hospital waiting for the doctor to see that broken leg.

Ruslan Guzov/Shutterstock.com

Ruslan Guzov/Shutterstock.com

Excuses to not hang out: you made a mistake

10I am grounded.   “I am in such a mess today. My parents realized that I never attended the virtual classes, and so, they grounded me for two weeks.   It was such bad timing that they realized it this soon. I’m so unhappy! Can we do the video tournament as soon as this punishment is over?”   You might have ended up getting on the wrong side of things with your parents, and they decided that you cannot go out of the house for a few days or weeks. Photo by Andriana on Reshot
Photo by Andriana on Reshot
11My parents said no.   “I cannot believe my parents said no to me having a night out. They are afraid of the state of the nation due to this virus situation. They are afraid of the spread of the virus.   I am so sorry that I need to bail on you at the last minute like this. When it is safe, we can go out and have fun as much as you would like.”   Your friend will understand that you won’t have a chance to get out of your house, even if you wished for it.


12I have to wait for a package to arrive and sign for it.   “I forgot that I had ordered a skateboard for the upcoming competition, and I forgot that it was meant to arrive today.   I received a message stating that today was the delivery date, and I have to sign for it. I’m so disappointed.   I am so sorry that I cannot make it in time for the yard sale. Can we do brunch next Sunday?”   Your friend will understand that you cannot bail on signing for something that is already on its way to your house. Plus, you paid for it.

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13Oops! Was that tonight?   “Oops! Was that tonight? How could I have forgotten about the Pinterest party at your house?   I am so sorry; I know that this meant a lot to you in terms of building our friendship. Can we organize to meet next weekend so that I can make it up to you?”   It is important to say that you forgot about the entire plan in a manner that will convince your friend that you are telling the truth.


14I am having a rough day.   “This day could not get any worse. I am going through something, and I am having a really rough day. I am sorry, but I don’t think I make it to your party.   I cannot seem to handle the pressure that I am receiving at the moment, and it is stressing me out. I promise to make it up to you as soon as I can.”   No one expects to have a really rough day, especially when a party is planned that same night. It makes you feel low and in no mood to party; your friend should understand this.Photo by Micki on reshot
Photo by Micki on reshot
15I am still hungover from last night.   “I had too many martinis last night, and I am so attached to my bed right now. I’m so sorry that I cannot make it for our shopping trip today.   I am still hungover from last night, and I am just exhausted. I will make this right. I will try my best to make you feel special the next time we hang out. You are truly aging gracefully.”   A friend will likely understand that dealing with a hangover from a night out can be tough, and he/she will likely let you rest.   If he/she isn’t upset about it, you can hang out with this person another day. Photo by Shirley Kim on reshot
Photo by Shirley Kim on reshot
16I had too much for lunch, and I feel like I cannot move.   “Hi, I am sorry to inform you that I will not make it for the evening book club. I had too much for lunch, and I feel like I cannot move. I might be sick.   I promise to never overfeed myself again, especially before the book club meeting.”   Eating too much, like a big burrito, can make you feel too full and like resting is the only option. Your friend will understand that you cannot go out or be social in that kind of physical state.


Whats the best excuse to miss work

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A good excuse to miss work is a real one. You have to miss work because you’re really sick, you need a self-care day, you have a family emergency or something else that’s genuine. Bear in mind that having a minor cough, stubbing your toe, feeling “tired” or other minor illnesses are not good excuses to miss work.


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