10 Awesome Movies You Might Have Missed / Bright Side

This 2012 film charted the rise and fall of the first women’s wrestling TV show, which ran for four years between 1986 and 1990

Darren Richman
Wednesday 04 July 2018 13:56

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7. Tall Tale (1995)

A7A collection / Photo 12  / Alamy Stock Photo A star-studded and surprisingly violent Disney affair, Tall Tale follows a young farmer (Nick Stahl) who enlists in the help of American legendary figures Pecos Bill (Patrick Swayze), Paul Bunyan (Oliver Platt), and John Henry (Roger Aaron Brown) to help fight a villainous land developer (Scott Glenn).


18. Cobain: Montage of Heck

The story: An authorised documentary on the life of late musician Kurt Cobain from the early days of his career through to his success (and ultimate downfall) with Nirvana.

Why you should watch it: Utilising the likes of rare and unreleased home videos, recordings and journals, this is a must-see for any Cobain fan but, much like Amy, also works as a painfully human and intimate study of an icon. It’s unflinching and often disturbing, yet never less than a completely captivating watch.

12. The Last Five Years

The story: Over a period of five years, the relationship between novelist Jamie (Jeremy Jordan) and struggling actress Cathy (Anna Kendrick) is explored almost entirely through the medium of song.

Why you should watch it: If the sizzling chemistry and impeccable musicianship of the lead duo isn’t enough of a reason, then the bold, smart structure of the movie will be. The couple’s stories of their romance are told in different orders (Cathy’s from the end to the start, and Jamie’s from the start to the end) making it unlike most musicals you’ve ever seen.

Spaceship Earth

Biosphere 2, the closed-system research facility in the Arizona desert that housed an unprecedented experiment in sustainability during the early 1990s, traces its roots to a radical ’60s theater group that made its home in a Santa Fe ecovillage called Synergia Ranch. The common element is John P. Allen, a creative and scientific polymath whose combination of charisma and hubris anticipated the brilliant, mercurial tech founders of today. His is the kind of only-in-America story that begs to be told, as director Matt Wolf (Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project) does in this Hulu original that combines archival footage with old and new interviews to elucidate what happened behind the sealed doors of Biosphere 2. There’s nothing especially innovative about Wolf’s style—but any tale that begins in Haight-Ashbury and ends with, why not, the arrival of Steve Bannon probably doesn’t need much embellishment.—Judy Berman

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Yes, God, Yes

High school can be confusing, and grappling with one’s burgeoning sexuality, even more so. But trying to make sense of all these new desires against the backdrop of a Catholic education that preaches abstinence and purity, at least for the protagonist of writer-director Karen Maine’s raunchy but heartfelt semi-autobiographical comedy Yes, God, Yes, really takes the wafer. Stranger Things‘ Natalia Dyer plays Alice, a teenager who attends a Catholic school retreat where she confronts her own feelings of lust, and the shame she’s made to feel about them. Along the way, she collects some valuable life lessons about the secrets and hypocrisy of even the most apparently righteous among us, who are, after all, still only human.—Eliza Berman

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27. Arlington Road (1999)

Screen Gems / Courtesy Everett Collection A suspenseful and unpredictable thriller that has gained a strong following on home media, Arlington Road follows a history professor (Jeff Bridges) who suspects that his well-to-do neighbors (Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack) may actually be a part of a domestic terrorism cell.


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